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Sleep Dentistry

Dr. Mueller works with a team of  hospital anesthesiologists to provide patients of his Willow Grove, PA office with Sleep Dentistry.  While the patient is maintained in a state of ‘Twilight Sleep’, Dr. Mueller is able to complete multiple and diverse dental/surgical procedures in a single visit.

Patient anesthesia and comfort is carefully monitored and maintained by the Anesthesiologist at chair-side throughout all Sleep Dentistry procedures.

Throughout the entire required range of treatment, from the placement of cosmetic veneers to dental implants, periodontal surgery to extractions and immediate placement of Dentures, Bone/Soft Tissue Grafting, Root Canal Treatment to Crowns and Bridges, the patient is aware only of the finished results upon waking from a ‘light sleep’. Call our office for more information regarding our Sleep Dentistry services.

Are You a Candidate?

Anxious, Fearful, or Dental Phobic

Previous traumatic dental experience, fear of needles or injections, panic attacks, claustrophobia, and a perception of overwhelming or prolonged dental need are conditions not uncommon to the many patients that welcome our Sleep Dentistry care environment.

Time Constraints

Patients residing out of state or country / Patients with uncompromising work schedules / Patients that may not be able to commit to completing a treatment plan in a conventional treatment fashion / Patients who require ‘cosmetic smile make-over’ immediately for a specific function, e.g. fashion model shoot, wedding, career interview, family photograph, business or public speaking smile presentation, etc. If any of these situations apply to you, consider Sleep Dentistry at Dr. Mueller’s Willow Grove office.

Physical or Mental Disabilities

Selected patients that may be best treated in a comprehensive manner outside of the hospital environment, e.g. Cerebral Palsy, Down syndrome, MR, and DD.  Please make a consultation appointment to see if you or the person you are calling for is a candidate for Sleep Dentistry.

Anesthetic Reactions

Some dental patients have difficulty in maintaining a sufficient level of anesthesia or pain control with conventional ‘Novocain” injections to endure dental treatment comfortably; others may have a true allergic sensitivity to local anesthetics or their additives and may benefit from our Sleep Dentistry general anesthesia services.

Gag Reflex

Patients with an accentuated gag reflex or uncontrollable tongue reflex often require sedation or Sleep Dentistry to provide necessary instrument access to treat affected teeth and gums.

Environmental Disease Disorders

Those patients that find leaving the home environment or entering unfamiliar environments to be unacceptable either physically or psychologically can become crippled by dental neglect if treatment is not delivered in this most efficient fashion, e.g. agoraphobia, agrophobia, claustrophobia, or physical handicap.

Patients requiring a less public environment are accommodated to access and depart this facility. For more information on Sleep Dentistry or the qualifications of our anesthesiologists, we invite you to call or visit our Willow grove PA office today.

Schedule your Complete Dental Makeover consultation with Dr. Mueller

This is one of the comprehensive procedures that makes our practice truly unique.

The “Complete Dental Makeover” can be completed “in house” from start to finish… right in our comfortable Willow Grove office.

We achieve incredible results, often in just one visit to the office.

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