Periodontal Disease Treatment - Willow Grove PA

Many of the more complex cases I treat restoratively, in my Willow Grove PA practice, also require my treatment of this insidious and generally painless progressive malady.  Although many cases may be treated in a conservative and relatively non-invasive manner, there are also those that require reflection and re-contouring of the infected gum tissues, remodeling and/or grafting of the tooth-supporting bone, and the careful removal of bacterial-infiltrated calculus (barnacle-like deposits) from the tooth roots by direct visualization under high-power microscopes.  Bad breath, bleeding gum tissues, and mobile teeth are the early and late signs of this disease most noticeable by the patient.

By treating the gum and bone tissues surrounding the teeth, the foundation of a healthy, long-lasting cosmetic and functional ‘complete dental makeover’ may be established.

I will also include under this heading a variety of periodontal surgery procedures here treated that are not directly related to a disease process per se; rather, anatomic conditions that compromise the longevity of the healthy dentition can be treated by periodontal intervention treatment modalities including:

•     Gum tissue grafting to treat recessions of the gums around tooth roots

•     Cosmetic tissue surgeries

•     Orthodontic repositioning of one or more teeth to enhance bone support, improve tooth contacts, and stabilize bite relationships

•     Occlusal bite adjustment or equilibration of bite to reduce traumatic bone and tooth sacrifice

•     Periodontal and peri-implant bone grafting

•     The placement of a dental implant(s) to replace lost teeth and strengthen the remaining surviving teeth



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