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Complete Dental Makeover

Complete Dental Makeover’ … What does this mean?This is an adult practice; I treat adult problems and concerns that are often serious and complex. Should you have become aware that you are in a state of ‘dental health distress,’ this may be the best environment to receive the care you require.

The Complete Dental Makeover procedures available to you here are broad spectrum and comprehensive.  Many of my complex cases are completed while the patient is anesthetized by a chair-side anesthesiologist/nurse anesthetist.

My practice is not limited by dental sub-specialty in the procedures available to you. I have designed my new office location in Willow grove PA to accommodate efficiency and to ‘do what we do’ better.

This is a strong dental implant patient treatment office, both surgical and restorative. To be effective and conservative on your behalf, this requires a pursuit in the direction of broader understanding and implementation of all the information available to us through the various sub-specialties of dental science.  This is why my elective post-doctorate dental training was taken as a hospital general practice residency. I do limit my practice to the treatment of adults; this includes patients who are thirteen years of age or older.

The procedures undertaken in an individual Complete Dental Makeover case most often involve a combination of treatment modalities which may include extractions, bone grafts, tissue grafts, implant placement, periodontal disease control/surgery, dental fillings, crowns, bridges, cosmetic veneers, cosmetic periodontal surgery, root canals, adult orthodontics, dentures, occlusion/TMJ, etc.

Elective Cosmetic Procedures

These are ‘fun’ procedures as the ‘artistic smile design’ smile transformation rewards are spectacular. I use the best porcelain technicians available to me; the new porcelain materials are vibrant and natural!

My General Practice

Not all of my patients are implant/restorative/cosmetic makeover patients. Our Willow Grove PA office remains a general service practice where you are encouraged to receive emergency pain control, preventive care, and minor restorative/periodontal care on regular basis.

Should you have been referred by a friend or another doctor, I welcome you.  I remain sincerely complimented by your new patient referrals.  I am confident you will appreciate the very specialized manner we offer in treating you and those you refer to us.

Schedule your Complete Dental Makeover consultation with Dr. Mueller

This is one of the comprehensive  procedures that makes our practice truly unique.

The “Complete Dental Makeover” can be completed “in house” from start to finish… right in our comfortable Willow Grove office.

We achieve incredible results, often in just one visit to the office.

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